Very hip and cool ideas for some different body art.

There is obviously no shortage of what some would call bad tattoos, from misspelled names of your significant other to Asian writings that you don’t actually understand many people eventually end up regretting them. However, this cannot be said of a new tattoo trend that is rapidly gaining popularity: watercolor tattoos.

Watercolor tattoos are charming and intricately done. They stand out from other tattoos because they are unique and require special artistic skills to create. Even though they might not have special meanings, watercolor tattoos include any object that you can imagine of and can take any form such as flowers, butterflies, paint splatters, bird images, animal images and many more.

In most cases, watercolor tattoos are big fashion statements, they aren’t just trendy, and are also created to attract an audience and the most important thing when it comes to getting watercolor tattoos is to find a tattoo expert with enough skills and experience to exactly bring out what you want.

For that reason, here is a compilation of some of the very best watercolor tattoo designs that out there, take a look and let us know about your favorite one.