Amazing self portrait made up of only stickers.

In this age of smartphones and Selfie sticks, it’s pretty unimaginable for one to use old cameras let alone using stickers to produce their portraits, but not so for renowned American artist Noah Scalin.

Scalin who is the brainchild behind the award-winning Skull-A-Day art project came up with the sticker portrait idea. While not shown in this fascinating time lapse video, Scalin undertook the conscientious process of collecting thousands of colorful stickers that ranged from Wacky Packages to kids’ play sets.

And done. Self portrait made entirely from stickers. #stickerart #wackypackages #starwars #frozen #tmnt #avengers #drseuss #sesamestreet

After this initial process, Scalin took to precisely arranging each of the collected stickers based on their colors, intensity and saturation to come up with an intriguing and bold portrait of himself. Despite the lightning speed with which he completes the entire process, Scalin ensures that his creation is photographically perfect which would put some Selfie photos to shame.

We think this is an ingeniously cool idea and it won’t be long before it becomes the next internet craze, watch this video and immerse yourself into his creative mind.

Making progress. #stickerart #stickers #wip

Eye see you. New work in progress. #stickerart #stickers #wip