Let your guests marvel at your ability to make things levitate

It all began with a freaking bonsai tree, but the craze is now spreading like crazy. And soon, it won’t be about impressing your guests with the kind of drinks you make at your cocktail party, but rather how you serve them. In this case, using the levitating glasses.

The levitating glass is the world’s first gravity-defying cocktail glass that will allow you and your guests to drink brandy, whiskey or beer like… shall we say a blody sorcerer! The cups literally float midair with the help of a magnetic electrical field that allows them to hover about an inch above the table surface and perfectly support the glasses for an indefinite period of time even when full.

Now This Is A Party Trick 1

It’s the brainchild of Chicago-based entrepreneur Joe Paglione who insists that there’s no real difference with normal glasses, but it’s all about bringing spectacle into the drinking experience.

“The world has never before seen a zero gravity drink ware such as the levitating cup. It surely stands to augment your drinking experience and leave your guests in wonderment,” Paglione says.

The levitating cup is currently pursuing crowdfunding on Kickstarter so it’s time to hide all your decorative coasters because they’re under serious attack from this cool technical wizardry.