Airbus A380 gets a 6,000 man-hour make-over

You might have not thought about it that much, but just like buildings, cars and bridges; planes at times require fresh paint jobs. So, ever wondered what it takes to paint the world’s largest commercial passenger airplane? Probably not…

But as shown in a mesmerizing time-lapse video, stripping and repainting an Emirates Airbus A380 is quite the feat. Being the largest commercial plane in the world, it takes 34 people working for 15 days and an literally a ton of paint to flawlessly complete the incredible task.

The lengthy process involves preparing and masking the airbus to protect its very sensitive components from coming to contact with paint. The existing paint is then stripped chemically and sanded before the repainting process begins. There’s also a pre-treatment procedure, which includes marking of signs with various coats before the airplane is finally coated with a gloss-retaining coat.

Apparently, such a picture-perfect paint job not only makes the aircraft look noble and fresh, but also aids in reducing fuel burn. No wonder Emirates puts in a lot of effort in attaining an impeccable glossy coat.