Shoes made from recycled plastic and illegal nets found in ocean waters.

Adidas is one of the pioneers in the sports shoes and apparel industry today, bringing their innovation and style to consumers for over 50 years.  Over the years, Adidas continues to evolve, providing a wide variety of specialized products to individuals and professionals alike, and is one of the most widely recognized brands in the sports industry.

With the aim of creating new technologies to up-cycle ocean plastic debris, Adidas announced it’s partnership with environmental group, Parley for the Oceans last year, and collaborated with them to create the Adidas X Parley shoe, made from recycled ocean plastic and illegal fishing nets.

Adidas X Parley 01

Putting ocean garbage to work as the primary material for the shoes, Adidas aims to bring attention the issue of dumping garbage in our oceans as well as shows just how this waste can be picked up by manufacturing facilities and put to real use.

Assembly and manufacturing the resulting product from the ocean waste material is handled by a robotic workforce at a unique new facility of Adidas, in Ansbach, Germany. Called the Speedfactory, the facility has only 10 human workers to assist the work that will primarily be handled by the robotic units, with the ultimate aim of working toward 100% automation.

Adidas X Parley 03 Adidas X Parley 02

In this particular venture though, it is the environmental angle that takes to the limelight.

“The gillnet used to create the Adidas X Parley shoe was intercepted by Sea Shepherd during Operation Icefish, a record-breaking mission to protect sea life from illegal fishing in the Southern Pacific,” says a note at the end of the promotional video, informing viewers of how the plastic obtained was actually part of an historical environmental event.

Adidas X Parley 04

So, how do you get a pair you ask?  According to the Adidas website, people around the world have until the end of July 2016 to enter a creative Instagram contest to earn one of the 50 available pairs. Well, if you wish to do your part for the Earth, or maybe like the feel good about an Adidas shoe that has a bit of environmental history attached to it, the Adidas X Parley may just be the shoe to add to your collection. Get to work!

Adidas X Parley 05