This is how man was meant to cook a steak…with pure fire!

After bringing you the ultimate guide to steak cuts, we have to show you how to really cook that piece of meat that you can now name by sight!  Many people may think that they’ve mastered the intrinsic art of sous-vide, but they’ll be surprised to learn that the chemistry of cooking a tasty steak all lies in perfectly nailing that delicious browning, known as the Maillard reaction.

In a new video, it turns out that the best way to achieve that delicious char of a steak is to fire up a blowtorch. Yes, we mean an actual blow torch.  Using a blowtorch not only preserves the succulence of the meat, but also ensures that the chemical reaction between the proteins and sugars, (the Maillard reaction), in the meat are heated perfectly timed to give the steak that perfect, brown, roasted and crisp flavor.

Using a blowtorch makes it easy to achieve this reaction without having to cook the inside of the steak. Nevertheless, you’ll have to accompany the blowtorch with an attachment known as the Searzall, which has two metal screens that aids in distributing the heat wholly so that the intensity of the blowtorch is evenly spread. So get off your butt and get out to the shed and dust off that old torch cook your steak like a man’s man and soak in the true feeling of being alive.