3D Printing Taken to Another Level

As a country, Netherlands seems to be so intrigued by 3D printing engineering technology. After becoming the first country with the world’s first 3D-printed stainless steel bridge, Dutch students have now created the world’s first arc bike with a 3D-printed stainless steel framework.


Five students at the Delft University of Technology made the bike’s frame by creating a spidery web of metals that look both organic and futuristic. The stainless steel metallic framework was welded in layers under the supervision of the innovative students. The sintering process applies the use of a laser technology that carefully liquefies steel powder to develop the bike’s frame in impressive successive layers.

Going against the conventional 3D printers that build items horizontally on a flat surface, the students applied the use of a robotic arm that would build the bike’s frame in a vertical manner.