A 1952 Buick Broke the 165 mph Speed Barrier

The 1952 Buick is a collector’s dream, the contours of the car and its eye-catching design make it a classic every car lover would love to have in his garage.  Now, while most would simply find happiness in having a running engine under its hood, there are those who go a step further and make it a machine that breaks speed records.

Jeff Brock did just that with his modified 1952 Buick Super Riviera and named it Bombshell Betty, and what Bombshell Betty did on the Bonneville Salt Flats was as amazing a feat as the car itself.

Specifically built by the Rocket Heads Racing team from New Mexico, Bombshell Betty, with Brock at the wheel, and crew chief Sergio Juarez leading his team made up of Dennis Little, Mike Oestreich, Star York and Ted Seeley, managed what it was built to do alright – make it past the already impressive older record set by Brock himself.

Bombshell Betty 03

The older record was set by Brock at 162.48 miles an hour and when he took to the wheel of this extraordinary machine that he himself owned and built, he clocked two runs that went a lot faster.

The first run made it to 165.202 and the second one nudged the speedometer slightly higher to 165.559, with the average of the two runs clocking a record-breaking 165.380 mph. Which proved to be enough to set a new world record.

Bombshell Betty 04

All this went down at the Bonneville Salt Flats, also known as the Bonneville Speedway, back in October, 2012, after which Bombshell Betty went into retirement.

Here’s a video of Bombshell Betty setting the record.