The Slow Mo guys are at it again and this time they’ve captured some amazing footage.

Two best friends, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy from Slow Mo Guys have become internet sensations for filming a variety of stunning tricks and experiences in slow motion. Truth is, their videos are all extraordinarily captivating, and this latest addition is even more awesome and doesn’t disappoint.

The pair released an amazing 4K quality slow motion video, which captured Gruchy shooting flames into the air. Using a powerful X15 personal flamethrower. Gruchy spews 50-foot jets of flames in the direction of Gavin, who’s holding the camera. The weapon can hold up to 12.5 gallons of flammable liquid, thereby enabling them to get down to their tricky and seriously dangerous business.

This is arguably one of the coolest 4K slow motion videos you’ll ever see. Just don’t try this at home, no seriously, don’t even think about trying this at home.