Gotta love it when Hipsters turn on each other and start trolling their own.

Some of the most excellent artistic creations occasionally come about as a result of happy accidents or when we’re willing to experiment. For Dave, popularly known as Winston the Whale, it took him more than two fluke occurrences to dive into the world of 3D tattooing. But looking at some of his 3-D tattoos creations, it would be difficult to believe that it all began as some sort of happy accidents.

For a year and a half now, the Portland-based artist has been creating eye-popping 3-D tattoos that are now catching the attention of the internet. It all began when a friend asked Dave to give him a 3-D tattoo, not knowing that it would end up being his ultimate niche. Using a technique known as anaglyph, Dave creates trippy red-and-blue tattoos that have become the talk of Instagram, and can also trick your friends into thinking that they’re masterpieces that can only be viewed under 3-D glasses.

Speaking about his multi-dimensional body art, Dave said;

“It’s all about delivering an art that’s stripped down to the basics and to have maximum impact upon instantaneous viewing. People will look at these little 3-D designs for a second or two and have their attention instantly captured,”

Dave began with the now famous stick-and-poke tattoo designs. Before long, clients were requesting for simple skull designs, geeky tattoos and many more. He can now work on any design, with many clients coming his way since the images blew up on Instagram. We’re definitely impressed, scroll down and see some of his amazing creations and don’t let anyone tell you that you need to use 3D glasses to see the ink!