We’re not talking about the Hollywood type either.

Twenty six years ago on 24th April, 1990, NASA launched Hubble Space Telescope into the orbit on-board the space shuttle Discovery. This telescope was the first in space and one of a kind and to commemorate this historical moment, NASA has been releasing portions of any astronomical object or spectacular view captured by this unique telescope.

To celebrate this year’s anniversary, NASA released this 30-second footage of Hubble Space Telescope showing a dazzling object that looks like an enormous cosmic soap bubble. Known as Bubble Nebula, this object is a cloud of gas and dust and is backlight  by a luminous star within it. The Bubble Nebula is also known as NGC 7635 and was first discovered in 1787 by William Herschel.

Previous images of Bubble Nebula captured by Hubble have been less spectacular, but this one, though, allows us to see and fully appreciate the perfect symmetrical shell by which Nebula derives its name.

This short video portrays an impressive scene that surely wins the Bubble Nebula a place in our exclusive hall of fame.