We all know that cabins can come in all shapes and sizes and to that end we’ve found a bunch that we think are completely cool.

There’s something really cool about cabins. Minimalism thrives in these structures, and yet, you seem to have everything you need in these cozy joints. Here are some kickass cabins that surely make the top of the list, and there’s one in here that’s indoors.

Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz’s Glass Cabin in West Virginia

This one has a beautiful love story to it, which makes it all even better. When photographer Nick Olson and designer Lila Horwitz went on their first date, they chose to be one with nature by taking a stroll in the mountains of West Virginia.

The sunset seemed to kindle their love and during these beautiful moments, they wondered how amazing it would be to build a house that welcomed the sun in like no other, maybe one with only windows making up the front wall.

Well, less than a year later, the couple made this random dream of theirs a reality, and this unique glass cabin in West Virginia was born. And where did the entire set of windows come from? The duo went on a road trip and collected each window from antique dealers and garage sales themselves….Love is grand.