The iconic DeLorean is slated for production in 2017

For those who had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of watching the highest grossing movie of 1985, Back to the Future, they will sincerely agree that this was an epic movie that had every element of the futuristic life, events and technology that could only be dreamt about back then. The futuristic innovations and creativities that were involved in the film could only be imagined back then, but with the advancement of 21st century technology, most of those innovations can be explicitly created.


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One of the iconic and cultural phenomenons that came to fame after being featured in the movie was the futuristic, DeLorean DMC-12 sports car. The sports car that had been produced in 1981-1982 had already gone out of production when it later hit the screens in 1985 as the hit car of the classic movie, Back to the Future, leaving many fans disappointed that they could not get their hands on the futuristic car of those days. Like a prophecy that is being fulfilled, fans of the gull-wing DeLorean will now be able to satisfy their deepest fantasies after it was confirmed that brand new DeLorean DMC-12 will be produced come 2017.


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According to DeLorean Motor Co., a Texas-based company that currently owns all the DeLorean materials and tools after bing all the rights from the defunct original manufacturer will begin selling brand new DMC-12s in 2017. The chance of bringing the early 1980s road pinnacle into 2017 was made possible after laws regarding the sale vintage car replicas were relaxed. The company has followed this law that allows automakers to produce not more than 325 replicas of the classic cars in announcing that they will produce 300 units of the DMC-12 yearly for the next four years starting 2017.

In ensuring that the 2017 model is exactly the same as the original 80s model, the company will use the existing parts of the original model that have spent almost 25 years  in a warehouse in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Some of the outdated features such as the cassette player and the dwarfed 130 horsepower will not be included in the upcoming model. The new model will also have bigger wheels, exceptional shock absorbers, studier baking system and a host of modern technological features. One thing that will remain intact, but technology enhanced will be the gull-wing doors that became synonymous with the original DeLorean.

It is expected that the first bunch of the DMC-12 to be produced in 2017 will roughly cost $100,000 per unit.