We mean this literally and not just figuratively.  New California start up will fill up your car anywhere.

Maintaining a car is a hefty task especially when it comes to refuelling it. Are you sick and tired of running back and forth to the gas station for refuelling your car? Well, who isn’t? Ever wondered how convenient would it be if the fuel station could come to you and refuel your car instead of you going there? That would be amazing, isn’t it? Well, now it’s possible to call the fuel station home with just one or may be two touches on your phone.

WeFuel is an application that can ease your pain of going to a fuel station. Through this application, you can get your car refuelled anytime and anywhere be it a mall, office, or your home. The application is available for iOS users and it allows its users to choose the type of fuel and their mode of payment. After that, a delivery truck along with professional filler will arrive at your selected location and your vehicle will be refuelled within half an hour.

As for now, this app is only catering to users in Menlo Park and Palo Alto areas of the Californian Bay Area but it aims to expand and serve the entire Bay Area by 2017. WeFuel is also working to build a device called WeFuel Driveo, which they claim, will be able to refuel the vehicle even if the owner of the vehicle is not present there.

Now that you know about this amazing application, if you are present in the areas they are offering their services, go enjoy WeFuel, and for those who are not residing in the area, sit back and wait for WeFuel to come to your area.