This is the World’s Most Ridiculously Expensive Bottled Water costing $100,000

But really, is any water worth $100k?

Some things, like this bottled water costing a ridiculous $100,000, should be left alone. With all due respect and without any intended offense to the manufacturers of this bottled water, this is one item that costs utterly crazy amount and rightly deserved to be featured in the Most Expensive Sh*t segment.

Expensive Bottled Water

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There are of course super rich people in world who are flashy enough to splash a fortune of $100,000 on a single bottle of a commodity that can apparently be acquired free of charge from nature. But let’s put this into crystal clear perspective, with $100,000 you can buy a super-cool three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Dallas, Louisiana, St. Louis and many other areas in the country. If you are into flashy things, a very cool ride such as a Range Rover, Porsche or a Mustang would be yours for $100,000. Now, imagine how super-crazy it would be to spend such a fortune on a single bottle of water. You are not alone in being cynical, rapper 2 Chainz (one of the flashiest celebrities) seems to agree too.


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No matter how loud we sneer bitterly at this crazy price for a single bottle of water, the super rich and flashy people in this world appear not to give a hoot. That is why Jon Gluck and his Beverly Hills Drink company are confident enough to produce bottled water worth a fortune. Known as the Beverly Hills 90H2O, this bottled water is a luxury collection, diamond edition water that is by far the world’s most expensive water, costing $100,000. In fact, Gluck and his company have won the world’s best water award, thanks to their super-expensive and limited commodity of 9 bottles only.


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As you’d ask, what makes Beverly Hills 90H2O this expensive? Well, the inside content (that’s the drinking water) is said to be super healthy, but it is the exterior features that hikes the price tag. The super-expensive bottled water is enclosed in a silver casing. It comes inside a similarly identical silver suitcase alongside four exquisite glasses from Baccarat Crystal in France.

Being an extraordinary commodity, the bottle itself has to be designed by one of the best designers in the business. In this case, Beverly Hills jeweler, Mario Padilla, designs the bottle with a white gold cap that has 14 carat white diamond mixed with at least 250 black diamonds. Buyers are fortunate that diamonds are not edible as that would have pushed the price to millions. So being free of diamond, the water has calcium, silica and potassium, thereby giving it a fruity taste and flavor.