Anyone who has had to go through the process of getting something notarized knows how much of a pain it can actually be.

Finding a legalized notary public to authenticate a signature on any given document can be exasperating, especially if it is after business hours or when there is some urgency involved. To discard these frustrating hustles and to make notarization kind of sexy, a Virginia-based startup, Notarize, recently introduced an iOS app that allows users to have their documents notarized remotely from their Smartphones at any time.

With as many as one billion documents such as power of attorney designations, contracts, deed documents and other various licenses being notarized on an annual basis, it has been upon every state government to appoint public notaries who can verify the legitimacy of such important documents. However, this is now changing after the Notarize app, which is available and legal in all the 50 states, was launched to provide a 24-hour remotely live, easy and quick solution for verifications of documents.


This iOS app, which is targeting a possibly $30 billion market perfectly enables users to have their documents notarized remotely through their mobile phones. This platform offers services in the same way as traditional notary, only that the services take place on an online platform. The process involves the user having to identify himself/herself with a government-issued photo ID. With this, the app will authenticate its validity using a computer imaging technology, together with a software-based forensic analysis.

The user is then connected via live video call to a Virginia Electronic Notary Public agent who will sign, stamp and complete the notarization process using electronic digital tools. After the process is completed, the user can print and send the notarized document either electronically or physically to their required contact or institution.

Charging $25 for each successful transaction, Notarize is surely revolutionizing this important process.