We’ve all heard about the Millennials probable impact on things we know, but how they change the face of business will be a lasting one.  Here’s our look at some of those of those once in a generation changes.

The new workplace is dynamic and the rules that define them are ever changing. Here are the newest trends that will impact us in 2016:

  1. On Demand Work Will Be Stepped Up to a New Form of Employment Classification

We have till now considered Uber drivers as contractors who have been exempted from minimum wages as well as basic benefits. We all await the class action lawsuit aimed at bringing equality to the drivers from Uber in June of 2016.

  1. Augmented Reality Will Change Our Working Ways

The new smart glasses will enable the ease of manual labor with specific instructions and charts being available for viewing at the site of work. New hard hats have been designed to enable workers to gain a 360 view of the site without actually moving so they can keep the site in mind at all times.

  1. Diversity In the IT Companies

The percentage of colored/black workforce in American Tech companies is so low that it escapes notice. So, why the disparity? The disparity has lead to calls for equal employment in the tech companies that have been consistently ranked as the best places to work.

  1. Pay Data Will Be Shared

According to newly conducted studies, the perception of what an employee is getting paid is much more important than what he actually is and the math behind the salary is important for an understanding of their worth and increased company retention. Another option is for companies to share a median for each level and then list reasons why an employee may be earning more or less or equal to the median for their understanding.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Loses Its Scary Edge and Becomes Exciting

We expect AI to do a lot of good like acting as an office receptionist to screening offensive Twitter messages. Top this off with the open sourcing of AI software by Google as well as Facebook and you have yourself an innovation battle.

  1. Newer Benefits Will Suit the New Evolution

Family will become the norm around the globe. Examples include trips that encourage family gatherings, one year long paternal and maternal leaves, pet-friendly office places, and offers to pay back college loans for a contract that includes lower salary and inability to resign for a specific period of time.

  1. All of Our Devices Will Have Wi-Fi Connectivity

Yes, our fridges, TV’s, washing machines, etc will all be connected. Think of a futuristic home where coffee gets brewing when your alarm clock goes off, the AC starts as soon as your car enters the garage, and the people you are going to meet will get SMS notifications as to whether you are stuck in traffic. There are expectations that nearly 3.4 billion various things will get connected via Wi-Fi by the end of 2016.