Some say lives can change in a minute, well it actually did for this person when he was able to secure for a minute!

Back in September 2015, the internet was awash with stories of a MBA student and former Google employee who bought and owned the domain for a minute before the internet giant quickly bought it back from him. Sanmay Ved had been learning more about Google Domain interface when he realized that was available for purchase, probably as a result of a technical glitch from the giant internet company.

Being the most popular internet search engine in the world, is responsible for more than 7 billion page views on a daily basis that translates to an immense income of over $8 billion annually. Perhaps realizing what he had on his hand, Sanmay quickly seized the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by purchasing the giant URL for a small sum of $12.

Unfortunately for Sanmay, he owned the for a period of 60 seconds after which Google realized their technical error and took it back from him. Google, however, had to pay him as a way of rewarding him for their technical error, in what Google noted as a compensation error. Even though the giant company had compensated Sanmay back in October 2015, they did not release the exact figures paid until last week.

Many may assume that Sanmay was paid millions of dollars considering the amount of money that Google make. However, the internet giant displayed their negotiation and bargaining skills to pay Sanmay a measly sum of $6,006.13. According to Sanmay, the reward was not about money and donated the sum to The Art of Living in India, a NGO that offers free education to children living in poor suburbs in India. Impressed by Sanmay’s generosity, Google then offered to double his charity donation to $12,012.26.

The amount may be less than many people thought, but it was a nice move from both Sanmay and Google.