Company’s levitating Bonsai trees have struck a chord with micro investors.

Air Bonsai: The Odd-Defying Plants that Can Float in Your Living Room. Even though plants offer visual beauty and enhance the real meaning of nature, they always have one limitation; they cannot defy gravity, fly or float. Fortunately, this limitation is about to change after a company in Japan took its innovativeness to another level by fixing this problem. The company known as Hoshinchu, has introduced their new invention, Air Bonsai, which is about to fix a problem that progress and technology seems to have forgotten.


For a long time now, the art of Japanese Bonsai trees have been known for their therapeutic sides and their ability to inspire contemplation and admiration in life and nature. Yet still, Air Bonsai line of trees is on another level with its ability to inspire levitation. These unique plants are set up in such a way that they can float spookily over their elaborately designed Japanese pots. These plants have the Air Bonsai system that can magnetically levitate them several inches above the tiny electrified pedestals that enables you to create an Avatar-like world within your garden or inside your home. This electrified magnetic system is powerful enough to alleviate the plants above the nicely designed ceramic pots.

Launched on 21st of January, Air Bonsai,s line of trees can also spin slowly just above their magnetic bases in a profound way that is unforeseen. It is a project that has already raised more than $800,000 as of January 30th, massively surpassing the original $80,000 target. Even though the Air Bonsai starter kit is still available in Japan only (apparently due to export restrictions), the company has received worldwide support for its latest innovation. Each of this cool Air Bonsai starter kit retails from $200 and can go all the way to $800.


Despite the high level of innovativeness that Air Bonsai brings to your living room or garden, it presumably has some limitations. One noticeable one is that there is a weight limit for the plants. The plants also require to be handled with a lot of care, especially when watering. For instance, it would not be advisable to water the plant while it’s floating because water may spill onto the magnetic pedestal, thereby causing damages. Nonetheless, these limitations are minute inconveniences that cannot discourage you from the prospects of having a floating Air Bonsai plant growing in your living room.