If you couldn’t use debit or credit, would the cash in your wallet last hours? Days? Maybe it’s time to stash a little cash – here are some sneaky places to do it!

Cyber attacks have become a regular occurrence.  The point that is tipping in favour of hoarding some dough?? HSBC was hit by a cyber attack a few weeks ago that prevented their retail clients from accessing their online and mobile banking for a number of hours.   I don’t know about you Millennials out there, but I hardly carry any cash at all.  Anytime.  Can you imagine trying to get coffee, lunch or whatever for anything longer than a day without your mobile wallet??  I can’t even…:)

The first thought that came to mind was where to hide my stash…my imagination started to run wild with what I thought were ingenious ideas.  Looking online, it turns out I’m not the only one thinking of secret hiding places – and it turns out my ideas were rather tame – there are lots of crazy places to hide your dough.  So in the spirit of the song ’50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’ by Paul Simon, here are ’10 Ways to Stash Your Cash’:

stash vent amazon

Image Source: www.amazon.ca

“Put it behind the wall, Paul”  I’m not sure I’m able to cut a square in the wall without disaster ensuing, but for those that are, it’s available at Amazon.

stash lint roller amazon

Image Source: www.amazon.ca

“Stash it with the lint Clint”  I have a dog that sheds in three colours…I could use this.  Just don’t forget the cash is in there and toss it when the roll’s empty! This clever little number also on Amazon.

Stash Safety deposit Box“Take it to the bank, Hank”  Nothing like a little boring little safety deposit box for your mad money. Except if you need it after hours…then things could get a little exciting..

stash sprite ebay

Image Source: www.ebay.com


“Stash it in a can, Stan”  You don’t have to be a Spritey kind of guy, your potential burglars just have to think you are.  Keep your disposable wet naps beside it to dispel any doubt.  Or, this can can (I couldn’t resist) be hiding right alongside your hoppy beer to add real confusion.

Stash freshener ebay

Image Source: www.ebay.com

“Keep it with the scent, Kent”  The old gutted air freshener reinvented as a cash vessel.  Whodathunk?  Someone, obviously.  It’s on Ebay ..and as I was looking at it, I was advised that ’13 other people were watching’…really?? That kind of creeped me out.

stash axe ebay

Image Source: www.ebay.com

I have to break from the lyrics rhyming for this one…seriously, don’t Axe me to do it.. Guess the rationale with this safe is who really wants to break into your place and steal your deodorant.  And, if they do, the next place they’re headed is your undies drawer, so don’t hide any cash there.  Just in case.


Stash hair brush

Image Source: www.amazon.ca

“Hide it with the hair, Blair”. Surprise – it’s a professional styling brush AND Inspector Clouseau-like master of money disguise.   Yeah, as far as someone looking to steal your hairbrush, see commentary with the above picture….same rules apply…

stash wall plug amazon

Image Source: www.amazon.com

“Shove it behind the plug, Doug”.  See comments for vent DIY – you do have to be able to cut a square into the wall with reasonable accuracy.  No wires though 🙂

Stash rock ebay

Image Source: www.ebay.com

“Stuff it in the stone, Sloane”  Just when you didn’t think you needed a pet rock.  (BTW, you still don’t)

Stash freezer“Freeze it with the steak, Drake”  So many freezer type rhymes.. anyhoo…the old freezer is a good throwback until you get something cool – I have to admit that’s where I put my last stash of cash after 9-11.  After things returned to the new normal, I robbed my freezer on weekends to fund guiltless frivololity..that in itself, is worth hoarding some cash for :).

For those that are undecided about putting away some cash..remember that feeling when you’re at the restaurant and have to wait to pay because the system is being rebooted…then think of that feeling if it went on for hours. Or days.   For those that are nodding your head yes or no..I don’t accept responsibility for your decision either way, or how you do it, if you do it, when you do it, where you do it.  Yep.