Husband expresses his love for blind wife by planting huge garden of scented flowers.

Falling in love is one thing, but keeping that love strong after more than 60 years even after your partner goes blind is another issue. In a love story that is akin to the story behind the Taj Mahal building, one Japanese husband has shown the world what true love is by creating what is now known as the world’s most romantic home garden.

Toshiyuki Kuroki had been married to his wife, Yasuko Kuroki for thirty years when she unfortunately went blind due to complications related to diabetes. The couple who have been married for sixty years had devoted their lives to raising their children and managing the dairy farm in a small of Shintomi in Japan. But after suddenly going blind in 1986, the previously joyful woman shut herself away and was just a shell of her former cheerful self.

Feeling so saddened and heartbroken with his wife’s sudden condition and isolation, Toshiyuki began looking for things to cheer her up. A brilliant idea hit Toshiyuki that having at least two visitors to his family home each day would help cheer his wife up.

While thinking of how he could attract visitors to his home, Toshiyuki glanced upon a bright pink flower known as shibazakura (or moss phlox) in the garden. It immediately occurred to him that these beautiful flowers with their nice smell would attract people to his home, which would then reignite a smile on his wife’s face if they bloomed in thousands.

With this great idea, Toshiyuki spent two years clearing the trees around his home and creating foundation for the bright pink flowers. A decade later after the first flower seeds were planted, the garden is well-established and is a well-known tourist attraction in Japan. Many people visit the couple’s home to marvel at the beautiful flowers and hoping for a chance to meet the couple, who can often be pictured walking and sharing their romantic pleasures around the property.

The spring is coming up and the flowers are expected to bloom. With that, more than 7,000 tourists are expected to make the journey to the rural Japanese town on a daily basis to visit the flowery home garden that has been dubbed as the world’s most romantic garden, thanks to Toshiyuki; the world’s most romantic man.