Personalize your space, add texture and pattern without wallpaper.

Our homes are nothing less than a piece of heaven to us, and we often go out of the way to make them as beautiful as we can, and as personal as we can too. While decorative accessories and the character of the space are important aspects, the walls provide a large visual canvas and thus a large impact on the overall look.

When it comes to walls, design considerations include color and pattern: with respect to pattern, wallpaper has become extremely popular once again – hey, it took awhile, because anyone growing up in a house with a wallpaper loving mother had to seriously shake it off – remember the flocked designs, metallics, dare we say borders…no wonder it took awhile!  Well, for those looking to dip their toes back into pattern for fabric or walls, rather than using wallpaper, there are embossed patterned rollers, offered via Etsy store The Painted House.

While roaming the markets of Romania on a backpacking trip, The Painted House owner, Clare Bosanquet, discovered a vendor with a selection of rollers having embossed patterns on them, that allowed painters to recreate their designs on walls, making the patterns look just like beautiful wallpapers.  Bosanquet was so excited about the roller tools and the results they were able to achieve, that she bought out the vendor’s entire lot.  As much as the rollers were new to her, they had been used by Romanians for over 100 years to create intricate patterns on walls as an alternative to wallpaper.

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Through her store, Bosanquet sells a kit that has a roller with beautiful patterns and an applicator, and with this kit, we can recreate some eye-catching designs on walls, or to liven up fabrics as well.

You can check out some of these designs on her website. There are videos of some walls coming alive with pattern, and how-to videos as well.

And if you’re convinced that you wish to revamp your walls or fabrics into something beautiful, here’s the link to The Painted House on Etsy.