Many condos are built as corner units with open and airy living areas flanked by walls of windows, providing the illusion of enhanced space and basking in natural light. For most condo dwellers there is a trade off for that airiness and light – it’s the load bearing pillars that sit in the corners and perhaps along the windowed wall. Square or round, the pillars are just, well, there, in all their glory.  Why not  use their surfaces as a blank canvas to add a ‘wow’ factor to your space! Given that these same condos designs offer little wall space in the living area in which to paint or hang art, pillars provide a great surface to make a design statement, personalize, and give your condo some character. Below are some ideas, using a variety of materials, to pique your interest:

Pillar brick vidantaAdmittedly, these are large pillars, but you get the idea – adding stone or tile provides texture, and you can control the degree of contrast with the product you select.

Pillar Feature wall Christophe Fey ConceptA variety of materials, such as these faux leather designs from Christophe Fey Concept, add dimension

pillar cover SodemMetal finish, as shown from Sodem Systems, adds an industrial feel

Pillar cover Ocrtopus products OctoweaveOctoweave, by Octopus products, is made from hand-woven wood veneer mounted to a fleece backing which enables application to surfaces that are curved to a radius as small as six inches.

Pillars downlighting VidantaAlong with customization of the surface of your pillars, consider lighting options to enhance high ceilings and accentuate materials that reflect light or are textured.

Pillars shiny tileTile, stone, and marble are available in small shapes mounted to sheets, and are ideal to wrap circular pillars.  This tile, with its shiny surface, reflects light and provides texture

Pillar wallpaperedWallpapering pillars and columns is an inexpensive way to introduce colour and pattern into a room.


Faux-cowhide wallpaper, as shown by Rasch, is cheeky and fun.

Pillars Worn Tiles at Walls Republic

Murals are another way to inject character into the space. ‘Worn Tiles’ by Walls Republic is shown.

Pillar retro wallpaper

Wallpaper from Rasch adds a retro vibe.

Pillar Zulu zebra printBold zebra print wallpaper from Zulu.

pillar string

Wrapping a column is an easy solution that is temporary, simple, and easily changeable to adapt to seasons or mood.

The options for decorating pillars really are endless. Samples, whether they are wallpaper, stone or tile, that you can view in your space are a great place to start!