Ahhh, you’ve got to love innovation – especially when it’s combined with ease of use – to result in a fabulous overall look!  The latest in wall applications come in a variety of finishes without breaking the bank or requiring complicated installation.  Most are DIY and are also removable, for use in your rental house or suite or to simply change out when you’ve decided to move on.  Some feature surfaces that can also be painted to further customize the look.  Whether it be modern shapes or faux wood finishes, available in 3D wall panels formed from recycled sugarcane stalks (environmentally friendly, no VOCs) to peel and stick strips, the results look amazing!  Here’s a sample:

Inhabit wall panel whiteThis modern look is achieved using ‘Chrysalis’ 3D wall panels from Inhabit Living.  Breathe easy – this lightweight panels are made from recycled sugarcane fiber and do not contain any chemical fillers or VOC’s.


3d-wall-panel-livingroomChrysalis tiles by Inhabit can be painted to suit your mood.


sswf_xl_6‘SeeSaw’ 3D wall panels from Inhabit add texture and visual interest.


19364_img1_bWallArt’s 3D ‘Craters’ wallpaper, made from sugarcane fiber paper pulp, is available in easy to install squares.


WallArt 3d squares 2‘Squares’ 3Dwalltiles from WallArt, made from recycled material, add drama to a small space.


Wallart cubes 2The uplit feature wall, accentuating the straight lines of WallArt 3D ‘Cubes’, complements tufted furnishings, and various curved shapes of the objets d’art in the room.


Inhabit Planks woodPlanks by Inhabit are faux wood peel and stick strips that are available in a variety of finishes.  ‘Pallet Wood’ Planks shown above, installed in a herringbone pattern, add warmth and texture.


Inhabit dusted barnwood planks‘Dusted Barnwood’ Planks by Inhabit provide a rustic backdrop

Inhabit Salt Driftwood planks To achieve a subtle and clean look, consider Salted Driftwood Planks by Inhabit, which are more uniform in colour and texture, laid on a horizontal line.

These are just some of the choices available. From rustic to modern, let your imagination run wild!