The Besta series from Ikea makes storage functional, flexible and downright sexy!

Ikea’s Besta offers a variety of contemporary and modern finishes for their door and drawer fronts, ranging from wood finishes to glossy brights and whites. Configurations can be customized to please your design aesthetic while meeting storage and functional needs, with help from their online or in-store design tool. While Ikea focuses on storage options for the main living areas in-store, Besta also works great for bedroom and home office storage.  Below are some ideas to get the imagination flowing!

Besta from UK catalogeHorizontal cabinets house TV and components, providing open and closed storage.

modern-living-room-tv-wall-units-ivs3afmazA string of wall cabinets, available in two different depths, and open shelving provide additional storage and visual interest.


Bottom storage options come in two heights – the lower 15” option makes sleek and visually, barely there, storage in living room or dining room.

besta storage PINThe 25” height bottom frame option is an ideal height for storage or for use as a side board in the dining room.

Besta wall storageStacked Besta units have the appearance of custom fitted closets.

besta sleek storageThese wall mounted units, complete with wooden top and lighting underneath, achieve a custom and airy look

Besta waterfall wood wall mountAnother version of wall mounted units with a wooden ‘waterfall’ edge.

Besta office wallUpper and lower cabinets also work well in a home office.

besta low wall mountThe modern shiny fronts of these Besta units complement the warmth of the wooden wall, industrial grey tile and sleek leather.

Besta window seatAdding a reading nook using Besta cabinets transforms an otherwise unspectacular hallway into an inviting and functional space.

I’m a fan, what can I say. Besta, with its clean aesthetic, has the ability to evoke feelings of calm and serenity – and order – in a space, while keeping the clutter monster at bay behind its closed doors.  Just the way I like it.