No more wall envy.

Authentic reclaimed wood feature walls continue to increase in popularity, adding warmth and texture to modern and contemporary spaces.  In addition to their aesthetic beauty, they inject a historical element, using wood from old barns and buildings, an environmentally friendly option over new.


The drawback is that the various methods of installation, such as affixing the individual wooden planks directly to the wall using glue or nails, or strapping the wall and attaching plywood boards mounted with the strips, are time consuming and compromise the wall surface. These factors prevented renters or those not wanting to deal with complex installation or wall damage from considering this look.  The developer of Artis Wall, Will Kimmerle, was in that exact position – he wanted to customize his rental home with a wooden feature wall – but because of the constraints of damaging the wall using the installation options available at the time, he could not.

Over the course of a year, Will tested prototypes and hanging methods to come up with a solution that did not compromise the authenticity, sustainability and look of the finished product, yet addressed the ease of installation and removal issues.  The result? Artis Wall.


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Artis Wall planks are thin, lightweight and authentic wooden panels that are sourced from old barns and buildings throughout the USA. To make the panels, the reclaimed wood is carefully cut into thin, extremely lightweight strips that are ready to use – no need to sand or prime.  The planks are easily hung using a proprietary hook and loop hanging system that has been tested to ensure the installation or removal of the planks do not damage walls – a big plus for those that would like to customize their space on a temporary basis.  Thus, for those who rent or want a short term remodel, Artis Wall can be easily hung and removed – and yes, used again.

While installation and portability are key product differentiators for Artis Wall, it is not at the cost of aesthetics.  The beauty of Artis Wall is uncompromising, its wood elements evoking a patina that can only be created by Mother Nature through years of relentless sun, pelting rain, extended drought and freezing snow. The pictures say it all.


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