A Convenient and Environmentally Friendly Way To Get Your Mail

Do you know what the fastest and easiest way is to get mail delivered to your community? Cluster box units, or CBU, mailboxes are the answer. CBU mailboxes are the large 10, 20 or even 30 or more unit mailboxes sitting outside apartment buildings or a community access point. It is a breeze. The mail carrier makes one stop, and residents can pick up their mail at their leisure, with zero concern over the safety, security and integrity of their mail being compromised.

High Security

Commercial grade multiple box mailbox units like CBUs have a lot of uses. You can use them for any type of multi-family living space. Colleges use them for dorms, businesses use them in office buildings, and there are even military grade mailboxes. They are designed to be vandal proof, right down to each door hinge, specially planned to prevent someone from being able to pry it open. Made of durable materials that can withstand any kind of weather, CBUs are an invaluable investment whose presence will satisfy concerns of tenants.

Go Green And Save

Going with multi-unit mailboxes of a commercial grade also helps the environment. Having a centralized mail point is convenient for both tenants and carriers alike.  Mail carriers will have to drive less and use less fuel to deliver the mail. They can make one stop at each multi-unit box, and deliver the mail for all the residents in the building or community. It saves time, and also promotes a neighborly feel as tenants meet up at the unit when gathering their mail.

Community Gathering Point

One of the best reasons ever for multiple unit or slot mailboxes – it becomes the equivalent of the office water cooler for your neighborhood. Tenants can chitchat as they get their mail, stand there and sort it. Such small conversations build relationships. Those relationships can turn into reasons your tenants stay in the community. Long term tenants mean less turnover costs and less time trying to get people into your available spaces. So the mailbox turns into a selling point and a value-added investment for you and your company.

Determine The Look

There are several styles and colors to choose from. You can pick one that matches the façade of your building, give it some character, or an accent theme. Multi-unit mailboxes like CBUs offer a variety of options in font, number size and even icons to represent different units. You can make each large unit unique, right down to the individual boxes. There are also different hardware kits to choose from too, making the moving parts, roof or even pedestal a designer’s dream. You do not have to settle for simple or basic – you can add pizzazz to your offerings with a little bit of décor and daring.

Still Need A Reason?

You shouldn’t. There is really no going wrong with a multi-unit commercial grade mailbox that can serve tens if not dozens of people, add value to your property and make delivery and retrieval fast and simple. The post delivery person will thank you, your tenants will enjoy easy service and spontaneous conversations, and you will rest easy knowing you have offered the best and most secure options for their mail.

CBU mailboxes offer the safest and most convenient way to secure mail for multi-family units, commercial mailbox uses, business use, industrial use and even for colleges and universities. When evaluating all of your options, you will see that these mailboxes have the best features and benefits for your dollar, while still meeting the needs of your residents or tenants.

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carNot every car can be one of those low-slung, ultra-fast, ultra-sexy sports car. Some are sedans, compacts, and wagons. Yes, it would be nice to be a Ferrari in classic giallo (yellow) or rosso (red), with all that horsepower rumbling in the hood, but there are other colors and other makes too, like viridian green or meteorite silver Aston Martins, turquoise pearl Celicas or electric blue Kia Rios and Honda Civics.

For those who were created regular cars and wagons but are driven and ambitious, and dream of becoming more than what they are, they can get themselves a makeover, or even a do over. They could get themselves snazzier custom paint jobs to start off. Installing new rims and spoilers couldn’t hurt either. Lowering kits can help them achieve that fast and sleek look.

But all these are just external trappings, although they could help decrease drag and improve self-image. For a true change in identity, changes must be made on the inside – and not just the interiors – although a great stereo and leather seats would feel really great. Truly ambitious cars would aspire for more horsepower, and achieve it by switching computer chips, getting more efficient valves and exhaust systems, bigger cylinders, and even change their diet of fuel.

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Five Types of People Who Need to Buy Marijuana Seeds

With some reports and surveys indicated that a plurality — even up to 75% — of doctors nowadays approve of medical marijuana use, more and more pain and sickness sufferers are exploring options and treatments in the alternative medicine source. Though weed is not to help treat the symptoms of a variety of ailments, there are certain diseases where the treatment may be more effective than others. I’ve highlighted five such of those examples today. If you or a loved one are on this list, then it may be time to discuss medical marijuana treatment options with your physician.

Nausea Sufferers

Nausea is a common side effect of a variety of sicknesses as well as the accompanying and resulting medical treatments, and medical weed is known to be one of the best possible treatment options against this frustrating ailment. In particular, THC has shown to be a boon for chemotherapy patients as they report an increase in quality of life from taking regular treatments.

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple academic studies have shown marijuana to be an effective way to treat pain symptoms for MS sufferers. Though the jury is still out on whether the adverse side effects of marijuana use justify the pain relief and return of muscle spasticity. It’s best to experiment in this case after you’ve consulted with your doctor. Nobody ever wants to be in a situation where the medicine is worse than the disease! a


THC — the main active ingredient in the marijuana plant — has been repeatedly shown to reduce intraocular pressure in glaucoma sufferers. However, unfortunately, the THC inducement must be constant in order to be continuously effective, and some patients prefer to try other treatment options that don’t necessitate constant usage in order to be effective. That said, there are plenty of patients who prefer the simplicity, certainty and effectiveness of medical marijuana for glacoma to justify it’s continued exploration and prescription by physicians.

Loss of Appetite

Yet another common example of someone who could benefit from medical marijuana — or more specifically, from ingesting THC which is its main active ingredient — are people with poor appetites or eating disorders. Patients with HIV as well as those who have found their appetite stunted from chemotherapy treatments have been some of the biggest beneficiaries of this treatment.


THC is known to help initiate feelings of relaxation and to reduce pain, both of which are among the chief inhibitors of falling asleep. What’s more, weed is also known to reduce anxiety which can likewise have a detrimental effect on ease of falling asleep and the quality of sleep once you get there. For these reasons, many insomnia sufferers find medical marijuana to be a useful aid in improving and increasing their amount of rest.

If you find yourself or any of your loved ones on this list, it may be time to consult a physician or expert, find out the right marijuana seeds from here http://www.canamade.com/medical/, and to find out all the information you need and proper treatments and protocol.

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Reaching the High Notes in Musical Instruments

Musical InstrumentsMusic is the language of the soul, the manner in which one can represent the many emotions sometimes which cannot be expressed with the help of words. Music has a language of its own and it is absolutely universal. This language does not have boundaries and everybody with no exceptions like some kind of music or the other which like food for their souls. There are over one thousand five hundred different kinds of musical instruments. There are more being invented every day. It is believed that learning to play an instrument helps exercise your mind and also improves your ability to focus and concentrated. It also enhances the hand-eye coordination.

Since the beginning of time music has fascinated man. Earlier they used to go around the wire singing in the local dialect and strumming the home-made instruments like small drums and stringed instruments. We underwent evolution and so did the music and the instruments. At present, we have the electric instruments which are state-of-the-art and sophisticated that we can buy in even in an online musical instruments shop. Playing a musical instrument is also very therapeutic in nature and helps to deal with the stress and the tensions of the daily life.

The first ever musical instrument was a flute which is as old as nearly sixty seven thousand years. Over the years the instruments have developed and today they are classified on the basis of the kind and type of sound that they produce. The method is called the Hornbostel-Sachs method. People who study the instruments in the academic field are known as organologists and the subject is known as organology.

Today, music is an integral part of our life style. So much so that there have been devices created which specifically enabled us to carry our music along. There are a number of popular music instruments but the most popular among them which the people commonly like to learn is the piano or the guitar. Violin, cello, flute, drums and many more are equally popular. There are a number of instruments which are native to certain regions.

There are mainly four kinds of musical instruments according to the Hornbostel-Sachs method of classification. First is the idiophone, which includes instruments like the xylophone or the rattle. The music is created by moving of the instrument. The second is the membranophones, which created sound with the help of a stretched membrane which vibrates. Instruments like kazoos and drums fall in to this category. Third is the chordophones, and as the name suggests the music is created by strumming the strings of the instruments. Therefore all string instruments like the guitar and the banjo and the violin and the cello fall into this category of the instruments.

Finally, there are the aerophones and the as the name very well suggests they create music when there is a column of air which vibrates. Therefore instruments like the flute, trumpets, clarinets, fall into this category of instruments. However there was a fifth category also added later on called the electrophones and they create music with the help of electricity. Musical instruments are as important in the life of a man as is food and air

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Artificial Heart

Your heart is the engine inside your body that keeps everything running. Basically, the heart is a muscular pump that maintains oxygen and blood circulation through your lungs and body. In a day, your heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood. Like any engine, if the heart is not well taken care of it can break down and pump less efficiently, a condition called heart failure.

Until recently, the only option for many severe heart failure patients has been heart transplants. However, there are only slightly more than 2,000 heart transplants performed in the United States annually, meaning that tens of thousands of people die waiting for a donor heart. On July 2, 2001, heart failure patients were given new hope as surgeons at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, performed the first artificial heart transplant in nearly two decades. The AbioCor Implantable Replacement Heart is the first completely self-contained artificial heart and is expected to at least double the life expectancy of heart patients.

One of the best known devices is the “Jarvik-7″ artificial heart, named for its designer Robert K. Jarvik, an American physician. Designed to function like the natural heart, the Jarvik-7 has two pumps (like the ventricles), each with a disk-shaped mechanism that pushes the blood from the inlet valve to the outlet valve.

The action of the artificial heart is entirely similar to the action of the natural heart. There is, however, one huge difference: the natural heart is living muscle, while the artificial heart is plastic, aluminum, and Dacron polyester. As a result, the artificial heart needs some external source of “life.” An external power system energizes and regulates the pump through a system of compressed air hoses that enter the heart through the chest. Since the system is cumbersome and open to infection, the use of an artificial heart is meant to be temporary.

The surgery to implant an artificial heart is extremely delicate. Not only are the surgeons cutting off and extracting the natural heart’s right and left ventricles, but they are also placing a foreign object into the patient’s chest. The patient must be placed on, and later removed from, a heart-lung machine. The surgery requires hundreds of stitches, to properly secure the heart to artificial ventricles. Grafts connect the artificial heart to remaining parts of the natural heart. Grafts are a kind of synthetic tissue used to connect the artificial device to the patient’s natural tissue.

Due to the complexity of the surgery, there are lots of medical personnel on-hand during the operation. The surgery on July 2, 2001, which was the first of its kind in the world, included a team of the two lead surgeons, 14 nurses, perfusionists, anesthesiologists and other support staff.





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